Insurance is expensive, your ultrasound shouldn't be

Ultrasounds are a valuable tool in identifying and diagnosing potential health issues. However, the cost of these services can sometimes be a barrier for patients seeking the care they need.

That's why we offer a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE

Our Mission is to make high quality, private diagnostic services affordable and accessible to everybody, which is why we guarantee to match or beat any price.

Why Patients Choose Us

We provide ultrasound services 6 days a week, supported by our friendly and knowledgeable patient care team who will support you through every step of your healthcare journey with us.

  • No Referral Required

  • Results Accepted By All Georgia MDs

  • Same-Day Appointments

  • Fast Results

  • Best Price Guarantee

  • Modern Equipment & Facilities

  • Professional & Friendly Team

  • Call & Speak With Sonographers Now

The Process

How it Works

Ultrasounds are safe and painless. They can look for many different health indicators, and there are a variety of scan types available to help you get the diagnosis you need.


Every call is answered by a Registered Sonographer, which means we have the answers to all of your questions and concerns


An ultrasound on a single body part typically takes between 10–30 minutes. More complex scans can last up to 45 minutes


Our board-certified Radiologists will prepare your report in as little as one day. We will send you and your physician a copy of your results

What Our Happy Patients Say...

I saved $1,700!

Used their mobile service. Saved myself almost $1,700 and the tech was amazing. Highly recommend!

I saved over $4,000

Unbelievable. Hospital wanted $4,495 for an Echo, these folds came to my home and performed the test for $350 and I received the results in 3 days. It's for real, folks!

I hope this service becomes mainstream!

After seeing the estimate for an echo with my hospital, I was hoping to find a more reasonable option. An I'm so glad I did! I was unsure what to expect, but I had a great experience. The tech came to my house (On a Saturday!) and it was a quarter of the cost! Procedure was professional and the results were delivered in a few days.

Good experience all around

This company is very professional. They were very clear in communication. They came to my house instead of me having to drive somewhere. Technician was pleasant and nice to deal with. Test results were received timely. Good experience all around.



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333 Sandy Springs Cir suite 201, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA
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Our network of Ultrasound scanning sites makes it simple and easy to book an Ultrasound near you.

10% discount for all teachers, military, police, & medical pros

Book a private Ultrasound near you, and fast-track your diagnosis today. It's quick, simple and affordable, and you don't need a referral from your GP. Our prices include an expert radiologist report, your chosen scan at a convenient location, and speedy online results.

Best price guarantee

Compare ultrasound costs upfront, and save up to 70% off hospital prices. If you find a lower price, we'll beat it. Guaranteed!

No waiting lists

We schedule patients within 5 days, so you don't have to wait for your results. Want a same-day appointment? We offer those, too. No extra cost.

No referral needed

There is no referral required, which means you can elect to have an ultrasound done without waiting on approvals from an insurance company

Immediate Access To Ultrasounds. Refer Yourself Today and Skip Long Waits!



Heart Ultrasound



Cancer Screening


5 weeks +




Liver, Kidney, etc

Carotid Arteries + CIMT

Stroke Prevention


How much does it cost?

One of the reasons why our patients love the Atlanta Ultrasound Clinic is because we provide our imaging scans at the lowest cost to our patients. Our scans start at $250 for a full Imaging plus a doctor's written report.

If you get our scans done at one of the popular Imaging chains, or even at a hospital, it can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to over $3,000.

We provide our service at a fraction of that cost, which is why our patients love our clinic.

Do I need a doctor's order / referral?

No, the state of Georgia does not require a referral for ultrasound services . Since we do not bill insurance, we do not require this, however, if you have your exam with another company that accepts insurance you may need a referral.

One of the reasons why our patients love our clinic is because we allow our patients to “self-refer". That means that you can schedule scans at your convenience without the hassle of insurance companies, getting a doctor’s referral, or the extended wait times that imaging clinics might have.

Do we accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance, which is why costs are so low. Companies that accept insurance require doctor’s referrals, and also have to delay appointments while waiting for your insurance to approve your exam. We cut through all that red tape and schedule your appointment quickly and affordably.

How long does the exam take?

Most ultrasounds take around 25 minutes to complete. It's always a good idea to plan 45 minutes in your schedule so we can have time to talk about why you are having the exam, and to get relaxed prior to your exam.

How will I get my results?

After your scan, the images will be examined by a Board Certified Radiologist or Cardiologist. A report will be sent to your Doctor or referring clinician. You will also be sent your report electronically via email. We aim to deliver all reports and images within 1-3 working days.

Will my doctor accept my results?

Typically results are sent in 3 business days. Same day results may be available for surgical patients.

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a way of taking pictures inside the body using sound waves. An ultrasound is safe, painless and does not have radiation. It is used to detect a variety of conditions in the heart, abdominal area, tumors, cysts, gallstones, uterus, pregnancy and more.

What happens during an Ultrasound?

During an Ultrasound, the patient lies down on a table, as the sonographer gently guides an ultrasound probe over the intended area. Typically no fasting is required (except with abdominal exams). Most exams take 20-30 minutes, although some may take closer to one hour.

It is suitable for every part of your body, including breast, heart, and arteries and is one of the most widely used imaging techniques to date.

What happens if my results are abnormal?

If your Imaging scan has any abnormal or irregular findings, our board-certified radiologist / cardiologist will review the scan and detail these abnormalities and irregularities in the report.

Can I drive myself after my scan?


Will I need to be sedated during the scan?

We do not sedate our patients for imaging scans at the Atlanta Ultrasound Clinic.

What are the risks of ultrasound?

The ultrasounds that we perform at our clinic are not invasive and carry little to no risk.

If you have any specific risks depending on your health condition, please contact us so we can address those beforehand.

Not yet ready to book?

Unsure if an ultrasound is the right choice for you? Call now and a member of out dedicated team will answer to discuss how we can help.


Our Mission is to make high quality, private diagnostic services affordable and accessible to everybody, which is why we ensure that all prices for our services are the most competitive in the private healthcare market


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